Dear woman, I see you.

You are ready to connect to your deep roots, ready to find your ancestors and ready to sing to the white bones. Like a La Loba, in my favourite story, we sing to resurrect the part of us which was once so alive. 


…and the house, mortgages, children, marriages and divorces, they all took their toll. You are here now, struggling with the meaning of it all, feeling a little disconnected, having too much wine, somewhat happy. 

I know what that feels like and I also know which direction I want to go next.


Step by step I teach you how to walk the way of our ancestors, the wise ones. Step by step we explore the natural world around us, find meaning where it was not before. Feel connected to the world and life we live in. Old principles haven’t changed and we can still apply them to our modern world. 

If you are looking for a practice that doesn’t include long hours of meditation and doesn’t cost you anything, please read on. 

I am offering you a short course in basic shamanic principles. 

This program was designed on my last vision quest (advanced practise where you sit in a bush for three days and nights all alone fasting. I’ll tell you about it inside of the course, I promise). We will explore the power of four elements and learn how to connect with them. To connect to the elements is to connect to the world on its subtle level. To feel the fine edges of our reality, the same way we feel the edge of the lace and we sense the whole dress. There are many ways how to connect on this level, but if your Yoga practice or guided meditations didn’t fully get you there, study with me. 


I can’t promise you that after this course you will get 3x more clients or lose weight in 2 weeks (anyone over 40 relate to this?). Then again, who knows?

To feel connected to the world and your deep self is a very strong aphrodisiac. 

I’ll tell you now what’s inside the course, so you can hop in and sign up all excited about the journey ahead. 

As I mentioned before, we will work with four elements predominantly. They contain so much knowledge that alchemist spent their lifetimes studying them. Because that’s where lots of magic is. In basics. Have you ever appreciated simple potatoes roasted to perfection? That’s where we are going. Not towards potatoes. To perfection in mastering the basics. To connection. 

The course is recorded in short chapters, so you can navigate easily and listen to them when you have a moment. You can share your thoughts and progress in my private Fb group. 

As a thank you for signing up for the course, I will send a gift pack worth $97 for free. It includes all small bits and pieces to help you on your journey forward. 

See you inside 🙂