Maya offers a wide range of ceremonies. Prior to booking a ceremony, an initial free 30 minute consultation will be held to ensure we are the right fit for each other, and that you are ready for a ceremony. 

A fully refundable deposit of $15 is essential and is refundable after your initial consultation. The deposit is required to avoid any last minute no-shows.


Drawing on experience, studies and knowledge of various indigenous traditional ceremonies, Maya offers grief ceremonies in Northern Rivers. 


Maya also offers a night long ceremony to process grief. This ceremony is based on indigenous wisdom and works very closely with nature cycles. A very sincere and  deep commitment is necessary for all who are attending.

For more information please contact Maya directly on mayakrasna@gmail.com or get in touch via the contact page.


Processing grief from the end of a pregnancy

Life is not straight forward and many hard choices lay in our path. If you ever terminated a pregnancy at some point in your life, you may still carry a heavy burden. Often the sorrow stays for life. I offer you this beautiful and peaceful ceremony to peacefully process your grief. 

This ceremony involves a sacred fire and time spent within the dark embrace of the sacred womb of the Earth. I perform grieving ceremonies as taught by my teachers from the Woptura lineage, Lakota tribe.