Testimonial | Barbi | Maya Krasna Divorce Celebrant

Barbi's Story

Why did you choose to have a Divorce ceremony?

“I felt it was important to honour the 12 years we shared together and offer our thanks for each other in a ritual setting. It was also important to acknowledge the big transition we were making and have people in our immediate and wider community witness this. I think breakups have so many different phases, and this was one important phase.”

What do you see as a main benefit of doing so?

“I think it was important to ritualise the parting of ways to create an ‘energetic’ shift so that from that point we could move forward with more clarity”

Testimonial | Barbi | Maya Krasna Divorce Celebrant

How did your child react to the ceremony? 

“She saw us offer a lot of love and presence to one another, and was held with love by the small community who had gathered to support us. I think it was only later that she was able to really integrate the experience.”

Would you recommend it to others?

“Absolutely, I think its very important to find closure in this way. As I mentioned, there are many phases to a relationship breakup. I think its really good to get support to be able to get to the point of creating a ceremony together, and also support beyond to ensure both people can navigate all the interpersonal dynamics in a different form of relationship in a good way. Actually I support people in this way as a Intimacy/Relationship Coach myself (www.samadeeplistening.com)”

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